Seeking the Acerbic Wit and Cool Detachment of

We are here to honor the characters that watch the hero and laugh. We admire thelaid-back side-kicks, the silent anti-heroes and the brilliant super-villains. Wewatch for the characters who conceal a secret pain and show a masked face to the world, and those who isolate themselves through pride, power, wit or silence. We celebrate The Unattainables.

Who are the Unattainables?
A list of our heroes (well, not that we call them heroes)

The FAQs and Nothing but the FAQs...
What does it mean to be Unattainable?
What's a Chimera?
Where do I look for Unattainables?
Who is on the list of Unattainables?
How do characters get recognition for their Unattainability?
How do people become Chimeras?
Do the Chimeras have any silly traditions?
Basic List Guidelines
Chimeric Services

The Chimeras
Come see us.... if you dare!

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