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Cleo's visage   
Cleo is the dreamer of the list... and we're talking full sense-around! She is also our clone-mistress, a time-honored title invented in ATH to replace the outdated "mad scientist." She makes Methos and Mulder clones for us, so we'll forgive her for being a Duncan MacLeod junkie. *grin*

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Paige is a sweet, gentle person, full of charitable thoughts and fairly overflowing with the milk of human kindness. She has no idea why anyone would mistake her for that bloodthirsty Celtic Goddess, the Morrigan. A nice girl like Paige could not possibly be a Mistress, much less a Dungeon Mistress. That's her story, and she's sticking to it.

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   The Morrigan is away


serrett's likeness   
One of the more thoughtful members of our select group is serrett. A caring, loving person, serrett is a fervent vegetarian and avid reader, especially of the DragonLance series, where her beloved black-robed mage, Raistlin, can be found. Well organized, she is Keeper of the Calendar, charged with keeping track of the important days of the various chimeras. Without her quiet reminders, we'd probably forget our own birthdays. However, because serrett is quiet, gentle and yielding, she is occasionally in danger of being overlooked among the more opinionated, vocal members. She, therefore, depends upon her alter-ego, k'ill, to stand up for her rights and opinions. k'ill, while physically very similar to serrett, has a penchant for sharp objects and pointed comments.

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kimmer lives in colorful colorado with her soulmate tommy. she is cat-owned by pete, who went to the rainbow bridge in 1999, and by four cats living with her on this plane -- tigger, greyface, cc: copycat kitty and bart.

kimmer is studying astrology and the tarot, and keeps the chimerae updated on important planetary influences.

her evil twin k'kimmer enjoys showing up on the list from time to time, wreaking havoc and partaking of the merriment.

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   kimmer's visage


alice's appearance   
...and the white rabbit fled, fast as his paws would carry him, fearful of alice's obsessions....

When she's not off chasing those aforementioned obsessions, alice is busy working on websites and graphics at alice ttlg creations.

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aefen's favorite saying is "Exuberance is beauty" and she tries to live her life to match it. she values passion and bright spirit and the ability to see into the beauty of things. her own passions include dance, fencing, eating decadently delicious foods, taking long steamy baths, doodlesketching, devouring books, and most especially anything to do with the medieval and renaissance periods. someday she might become a professor just so she will leave her fellow chimeras in peace......

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   aefen's aspect


bram's picture   
Him. He's the guy. He's the one off in the corner being quiet and plotting. He only exist onscreen and in the eyes of Mana and Paige. He could be a figment, he could be flesh. He could be the flash of inspiration just behind your eyes the instant before you enter the dreamlands, he could be the trashman you hear in the mornings but never see. He lives for the one, he dies for the one. Hello.

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I, Keeper of the Chimeric Chronicles, Mistress of the Feast, is preparing her bio-blurb.

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   I's image


shana's semblance   
Stalked by her Muses no matter where she goes, Shana is known to be at her desk until the wee hours of the morning, imbibing caffeine and typing away at one of many things, whether it be fanfic, web pages, or a well-procrastinated paper or database. A great lover of history and culture, a heavy book and sharp tongue are her weapons of choice, though her weapon collection is good enough to keep trouble away. She is of many fandoms, including Star Wars and Forever Knight, though she does indulge in Highlander, Angel and X-Files.

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Our bird is artistic, bawdy, childlike, dominant, eclectic, forgiving, gullible, heterosexual, imaginative, judicious, kinetic, light-hearted, moody, nurturing, openminded, pagan, quixotic, reincarnate, superb, talkative, unusual, vodka- drinking, wacky, xenogenetic, yankee, and zaftig. Hey, we used the whole alphabet!!

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   robin will be right back


brenna's visage   
Brenna is a woman on a quest for passion. She wants to know what people are passionate about and why. She is enthralled with the exploration and discussions of the spaces between people. Why and where to we connect with others? Why are most of those connections incomplete? Is a true connection with another person possible or merely conceivable?

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K'Trice is still trying to figure out what to do when she grows up. She had 8 majors in college and changes jobs every few years. She's now looking for a job with a beach. She loves cats, horses, birds, flowers, fencing, poisonous plants, and pre-Raphaelite art. She writes poetry, fantasy, and murder mysteries. She likes La Femme Nikita, JAG, and Emeril on the food network, which is funny because she can't cook. She just likes to watch. Weird? Don't think so, but...

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   k'trice's countenance


dale's likeness   
Dale is a gentle, deep thinking person who seeks beauty in her life. She loves Classical and 60s music, flowers, horses, cats, and the beauty of Nature. She is fascinated by astronomy and also enjoys Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Westerns. She loves the Unattainable Adam Cartwright and always will.

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Marcus Cole of Babylon 5, saw to the heart of a cool and calm Unattainable, Susan Ivanova. He pursued her, as we each pursue our individual obsessions, our Questing Beasts. His ultimate sacrifice to her shall not be forgotten. We hereby pronounce Marcus Cole an Honorary Chimera of the highest order.

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